Top 10 Catchy Titles for an Essay about Education and Career

We’ve all heard about the importance of selecting a great essay topic when writing an academic paper. But just as important is coming up with a really good title that catches the reader’s attention and is compelling enough to convince the reader that he or she must read your work. Here are top 10 catchy titles for an essay about education and career:

  1. Looking at the big picture: How date, analytics and adaptive learning is affecting the way mid and large-sized companies are looking at hiring the most skilled recent graduates for the future.
  2. College readiness and completion for students with diverse background: how it is the colleges’ responsibility to provide diverse students with every opportunity to succeed in education and in their careers.
  3. Making the most of one’s professional career through effective learning: How developing skills, knowledge and positive attitudes towards higher education affects how much success one will have throughout their lives.
  4. The five reasons why diversity matters in education: Making the most of students’ lives by encouraging unique perspectives in thought to enrich community learning on campus.
  5. Reestablishing the humanities as a core skill desired in the professional world: Developing a plan to modernize non-technical or business-oriented disciplines so that companies hire more students after graduation.
  6. Establishing a solid technical education for all students to improve their chances of entrepreneurial success: How a lack of technical skills prevent young professionals from finding personal success on their own.
  7. Will online learning overcome in-person training as more companies look towards practical skills which apply to the business savvy of today’s world? An examination of the most useful skills in today’s global careers.
  8. How transitioning to digital is more than ever a necessity for students to make the easy transition from higher education learning to the professional learning of their careers: A case study of cloud and mobile technologies.
  9. An analysis of how attitudes towards traditional methods of learning are evolving to support the kind of learning needed for professional career success in booming industries around the world.
  10. Using today’s successful entrepreneurs to help develop the learning curriculum that is needed for professional career advancement. What are the challenges and benefits of taking this approach?

Using any of the above titles would certainly make your essay about education and career immediately impactful. You can also use the these titles for inspiration in developing your own.

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