Writing An Opinion Essay: 20 Questions You Can Explore

The introspective self -delves deep into many questions that seek satiation through exploration. You may have an opinion on a burning issue of the time. But an essay is incomplete without a proper proposition and proper logic or rationale. The aim of your paper should be to establish a particular thesis and in case of writing an opinion piece, you have to explore some certain questions related to your proposition. Here are 20 such questions that you can explore while writing:

  1. First of all, you have to know the proposition very well. Like, what is it actually? What is its real meaning? Proper understanding of the proposition is essential for you.
  2. Secondly, you may raise questions about the context in which the proposition came into existence. The historical background forms an important part of the knowledge and the argument.
  3. There is always a rationale behind any debatable issue. You should always raise the question like-“Why is this?”
  4. Not only has the rationale always worked behind all the propositions also the costs incurred by it in society should come under your radar.
  5. Without any tangible benefit, an issue is never existent. You must put up the question like why is it beneficial for the society.
  6. The next question that automatically should haunt you is who comes within the scope of it. In other words, who are the people benefitted and who are on the other bank of benefit?
  7. If you argue for one, then you should also be aware of other counter-opinions and their logic. Your question thus is, “Who are its oppositions?”
  8. Only knowing is not enough. You must also similarly explore the logic of the counter opinions-“why are they opposing?”
  9. A proposition does not live in oblivion. So, you must find out what is its contemporary relevance?
  10. Now it’s your turn to put forward your take. What is your judgment?
  11. In doing so, you have to make it clear why have you chosen this alternative?
  12. You should also ask if your position satisfies the principle of natural justice.
  13. What benefit may my position bring to the society?
  14. You must consider if it has some real applicability in the society.
  15. What are the financial and social cost of my own project?
  16. You should also see if it has social acceptability.
  17. Whether my project will work in future is also a pertinent question.
  18. You must search if there is an evidence of your scheme in history.
  19. Will not my opinion jeopardize the social stability?
  20. Finally, you must see if you gave your logic in a purely logical way or not.

If you follow these simple steps, you can surely frame an opinion essay with ease.

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