28 Questions You Can Answer In A Synthesis Essay

When you are going to write a synthesis essay you will have to be very careful with the questions. It is the best way of asking questions but make sure you are asking the right thing. Here are a few samples to help you make the question for your paper. What you have to do is come up with questions that are a little out of the box and help in coming to a suitable conclusion.

The right question will help you get the teacher’s attention and impress them. You will get proper grades once you have the right topic to work on.

Topic for your synthesis essay

  1. Are world leaders concerned about the environment?
  2. Has there has been any real change in the policies that monitor pollution levels by industry?
  3. The best way to tell sorry is by confessing it to the person. Do you agree or disagree?
  4. Can society help in preventing illegal human trafficking?
  5. Do you think government welfare policies are actually effective?
  6. What is the role of social work in honing executive leadership?
  7. What is the effect of community service in shaping the lives of people?
  8. What is the best way to make friends on social networks?
  9. How can government protect children from domestic violence?
  10. Can we build a better world through social service?
  11. What social work has been done in the field of racial prejudice?
  12. Should people be made to do social work by the government?
  13. Do you think advocating gay rights will help the society in any way?
  14. What type of community service is most beneficial for the society?
  15. Should juvenile delinquents be given a chance to reform?
  16. Has feminism improved work environment?
  17. What steps should be taken for the homeless people?
  18. Should left wing politics be promoted?
  19. What steps should be taken to help children with cerebral palsy?
  20. What advice should be given to children of middle school?
  21. Do you think adversary helps to bring a family together?
  22. Life is all about little moments. Do you agree or disagree?
  23. Do you think that the living quarters speak volume about the person?
  24. What are the advantages of using video games?
  25. Which is a better place to live in? A city or a village?
  26. Should every child be assigned a mentor in college?
  27. What is the advantage of learning a new language?
  28. How frank should kids be with their parents?

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