Composing A Strong Article Response Essay Effortlessly

An article response paper is one that shows your views on a particular book or article you have read and analyzed. These papers show personal opinions and your connection with the piece of work while maintaining and academic feel to them. This type of paper is not a typical review it is based on your experience of the analysis of the particular article. Below are some quick tips on how to write a strong article response essay with minimum effort.

Read, analyze and then respond

It is extremely important in a response paper that you read the article carefully and really read into it. Without understanding the article in depth, you will not be able to write a comprehensive “review” of the piece you are writing about. Therefore, read the article once, re-read it and take notes, develop your idea (question or thesis) and then think about your structure. Remember that your structure will still follow a similar form to the ones you have used for past papers i.e. introduction, body, conclusion, etc.

Start writing

Once you have written down your structure, you have something to guide you in order to keep your paper flowing quickly and efficiently. In the first sentence of your introduction, the title of the article you are writing about and the name of the author should be mentioned, and the last sentence should include your thesis statement or question. This is similar to other essays; you should be telling them what you are going to be talking about in just a few sentences.

Your opinion

This is probably the hardest part of the paper as you will have to talk about your personal opinion on the piece. Although this is an academic piece of work, it is one of the only ones that allows you to write in the first person, for example: “I believe…” or “I found…,” etc. It is important that your opinions are reasonable and have some depth and analysis behind them.

The last few tips

Remember that your response paper is still an academic essay. Although it should include your opinion, it needs to have some form of backup i.e. you need to have reliable sources and reasoning for your opinions. The paper does include an analysis part that needs to reflect your findings so that the reader has something to think about. This said, you are allowed to tell the author your favorite points he made and why and whether or not you agree with everything he or she said. Remember your tutor or professor is looking for your personal touch.

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