Vietnam War

War is never a good way of resolving problems. When countries go into war a lot of negative impact is caused to the warring countries and it may take a very long time before they get back to a level in which they stood before the war. In worst cases the effects of war may be felt even a hundred years after the war. Vietnam War is one of the wars that will live to be remembered and talked about. This war was fought in France and started in the year 1959. It was war between the Southern and the Northern parts of France. The country had split into two and although this was not expected to last for long, the country never called National elections which would have reunited the two regions.

The Dominion Theory

The southern part of France were anti-communist and the thus a group of rebels from the south supported by the Northern government fought to oppose the then government of the Southern part. . This was in an attempt to prevent the spread to anti-communism to the neighboring countries. The rebel group was known as the Viet Cong. The Northern part later joined the war fully and it grew bigger. United States, who had signed a doctrine to help any country that was being fought for anti-communism, then joined in and gave the Southern Vietnam support. Domain theory is the name this act was given. The United States got involved in the Vietnam War in the early 1960’s. They deployed troops to France for the first time in 1965. It is astonishing to note that two thirds of the large number of soldiers deployed was volunteers. The deployed troops remained in the Vietnam War until 1973 when they were withdrawn after a peace accord was signed. The war then came to an end two years later.

Facts about the War

During this war, many lives were lost. Many of those who were actively involved in the war and survived were left with other serious problems. Some were left with fatal wounds and amputations that remind haunted them all the days they lived after. Others had to deal with stress and spend a lot of money getting counseling to try to forget about the war. During the entire war Vietnam lost 3 million of its citizens and United States lost 58, 000 soldiers. This is one of the worst wars that has been witnessed.

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