Abolishing Capital Punishment

There are quite a few reasons why capital punishment should be abolished.  You might think that executions cost the taxpayer less money but in reality it cost way more because just in California from 1978, they have spent over four billion dollars on it are each year they spend one hundred and eight million.  This is because death penalty trials cost twenty times more than if they person was sentenced to life without parole.  Scientifically there is on connection to capital punishment and deterring criminals from committing crimes.  But most states that don’t have the death penalty have lower murder rates than the ones from the South, who do almost eighty percent of the executions.

Innocent people do get convicted and executed for crimes that they didn’t commit.  In recent years you have probably heard about people getting released after DNA test show that they didn’t do the crime but what happens if they are dead before they can be exonerated for their crimes.  There has been over a hundred men and woman that have be released from Death Row because they were innocent and some of them were only a few minutes away from being executed.  This is great for them but there have been at least four men that were executed who were innocent.  They didn’t have a chance to clear their name and go free.

When people are sentenced to the death penalty it is done randomly.  It’s almost like a lottery; there are over twenty two thousand murders a year but only around one hundred people get sentenced to death.  Most countries in Europe, North and South America have abandoned the death penalty laws or the practice of it.  The United States, China, Iran, and Iraq are the majority users and advocates of capital punishment.  The millions of dollars that are spent on the death penalty could be used to help the victims of the crimes.  The death penalty won’t give them peace or heal them but if they use the funds for execution for the families in services like counseling, hotlines, restitution, or any other service that will help the victims. Most capital cases are tried by bad lawyers, this is because most people accused of these kind of crimes can’t afford a good attorney.  There have been cases where the attorney slept in court or was even inebriated during the trial.  Life without the possibility of parole is more than enough to punish these people and this also gives them a chance to prove their innocence without being killed before that can happen.

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