How To Write An Effective Essay Conclusion: Useful Tips To Follow

A good conclusion can give your writing the punch that will hit just the right spot!

You have spent so much time and energy on creating the introduction and the body of the content. You are usually tired by the time you get to the conclusion, and you may want to just get it over with. We would highly advise against doing that.

In many ways, the conclusion is your chance to remind the audience about the arguments that you may have made in your essay. Your conclusion, thus, works to persuade your readers to be in agreement with what have to say.

Moreover, a good conclusion serves to give readers some closure about what they read. Depending upon what kind of content you have written, the conclusion may be summation of your analysis or a reiteration of your arguments.

We have compiled a short list of tips that should help you make your essay shine through a well-executed conclusion…

  1. Do not add any new information, instead just summarize the points that you have made in the body paragraphs in a succinct manner.
  2. Do not use complex language. The purpose of the conclusion is to persuade the reader, not to confuse them.
  3. Use a parallel structure of sentence formation in the concluding section of your essay. This gives the readers a sense of faux complexity.
  4. To make you essay more memorable you can either start the conclusion with some famous quote or a memorable short sentence, you can end your conclusion with one of the two aforementioned.
  5. Create a larger perspective for the readers to behold. While you should avoid adding complex sentences, use of strong analogies, metaphors, similes et cetera will be good for your purpose.
  6. Try to represent and redefine something you may have said in your body paragraphs. Don’t make it contradictory; make it fresh.
  7. Talk broad. Talk about the effects that the scope of your essay may have on the society, the community, the country, the culture, the history or the human race.
  8. While you are supposed to conclude by summarizing your previously mentioned body paragraph points, simply presenting a mere summary is mundane and uninteresting.
  9. Do not use clichés or overwrought bromides to conclude your essay, they are a mood killer.
  10. Take a stand for what you believe in, and do not apologize for the fact that there may be people who don’t share your point of view.

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