Basic Tutorial On How To Write A High School Essay On A Book

Writing a paper on a book is just one of the kinds of papers that you will have to learn to write in high school. In some ways it is easier than other kinds of papers because you will probably only have one source—the book—and don’t have to worry about doing outside research. On the other hand, it will require you to conduct your own analysis about the book.

Follow this basic tutorial on how to write a high school essay on a book:

  1. Choose your topic or argument
  2. First you will need to decide what to write your paper about. This can be about practically any aspect of the book—a character, and event in the plot, the writing style, or one of the major themes. Any of these will make a good topic. One thing to keep in mind in this step is that you should be sure to pick a topic that matches the length of your paper. You may need to either narrow down your topic or make it more broad in order to fill the number of pages you’ve been assigned. Check this website for topic ideas.

  3. Outline your argument
  4. Once you have your topic you need to outline an argument about it. What is it that you want to say about the topic? You should try to argue a certain thing about the topic: this could be that so and so is the most important character in the book, or that such and such is the central theme of the book. This argument will be summarized as your thesis statement.

  5. Support your claims with evidence
  6. One of the most important parts of writing a paper about a book is to back up your argument and claims with evidence from the book. This means you should be quoting the book directly all throughout your paper. When you go to edit your paper, check to make sure that every time you reference something that happens in the book you provide a quote.

  7. Don't assume your reader has read the book
  8. This is one of the biggest mistakes that students make writing a paper about a book: they assume that their reader has also read the book. Even though your teacher definitely has, assume that they havn’t.

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