Composing A 5-Paragraph Opinion Essay: Important Things To Remember

Opinion essays require the author to explore and explain a particular topic, giving their personal views and assumptions on the topic. It is most favorable if they can also support their views with empirical evidence , however, this is not usually a requirement. One can approach this task from many directions and there are 5 key points to consider in writing this type of essay, which I will now list:

  1. Topic
  2. The choice of topic can greatly affect the difficulty, as well as the quality of your paper. It is advisable that you carefully consider all your options before deciding on any one choice. It is possible to choose a topic that has very little information or complexity to consider and so writing about it at any length will be difficult. It is best to chose a topic of conflict, for instance, homosexuality, that affects many people so your ability to form opinions about the topic will be boundless.

  3. Research
  4. Research any topic you may chosen thoroughly and collect as much data as you can. This is important to avoid publishing a paper with obvious errors and incorrect assumptions. It may be your opinion, but it is best to be able to back up your opinion with good data.

  5. Argument
  6. Formulate a strong argument and present it in a dramatic way to the reader. Using examples is an excellent way of conveying an idea to someone so be sure to use good ones to demonstrate your point of view. Put some effort into creating or referencing an example that is relatable to a wide range of readers.

  7. Introduction
  8. You are now ready to begin writing the actual paper and you should carefully consider how you will construct your introduction, especially the first line. The main goal in the first paragraph, or introduction, of your essay is to captivate the reader’s attention. You can do this using many methods but my favorite is the controversial statement, for example “Health agencies discourage marijuana use because it can affect the sale of synthetic drugs”

  9. Conclusion
  10. Your final paragraph will be your conclusion and in this paragraph you must make a statement that fully expresses the ideas expressed in your paper while at the same time declaring it as a statement of fact. Be brief and to the point, the reader must attain a sense of closure after reading your final statement.

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