Steve Martin

Steve Martin is an actor in America well known for his early graying hair and his comedy. He has been on camera for decades working hard to entertain the masses. Steve Martin was born in 1945. He garnered public attention when he wrote for a comedy hour and soon became a regular guest for the Tonight Show. By the 1970s he performed absurd comedy routines that field houses around the nation. Since the 1980s he moved away from stand-up comedy and has since become successful actor, pianist, banjo player, author, and playwright. Among many of his honors he has earned a Grammy, and Emmy, and an American comedy award.

In 2004 Steve Martin was ranked six out of the 100 best standup comics by Comedy Central. Into thousand 13 he was given an honorary Oscar from the Academy Awards fifth Gov.'s award. He began to play the banjo when he was quite young and music is been included in many of his comedy routine since the start of his career. But he has dedicated more of his career to music in the past decade and a half. He is acted less and spends more time playing banjo professionally. He has in fact recorded bluegrass albums and toured with different bluegrass ass. Into thousand two he received a Grammy for the best country instrumental performance. He released a solo album for the first time in 2009. This solo album earned him a Grammy award for the best bluegrass album.

Steve Martin claimed that his philosophy classes in college caused him to greatly consider whether he should be a professor. At instead he majored in philosophy and constantly challenged his logic and his belief. Soon enough he would integrate ideas he had had from philosophy glasses into the standup routines. He transferred to UCLA where he switched his major from philosophy to theater. He began to work at nightclubs while in college and dropped out of the age of 21.

In 1967 he landed apart writing for a comedy hour thanks to his then girlfriend who was a dancer on the show. He was paid out of pocket by the head writer and he wanted any for his work at the age of 23. He continued to write for multiple other comedy shows and made his first television appearance in 1969. He opened for regular comedy groups including the Carpenters and Toto. He worked as a writer and earned another Emmy nomination for his writing contributions for the van Dyke and Company.

He appeared on Saturday Night Live 27 times and hosted 15 times. He is the second place winner for the highest number of presentations on Saturday Night Live. He was quite popular for using forefingers to make air quotes on the show. He also became quite close to many of the cast members of the show. His television appearances helped him to release his comedy albums. One of his comedy albums went platinum. His next album was even more successful and reaches the number two spot among the sales charts for the United States. His second comedy album sold over 1 million copies.

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