5 Great Expository Essay Topics For College Students

If you're writing an expository essay, you want to be sure that you explain something to whoever is reading your work. By considering these great examples, you will come up with an idea that will help you to write your paper.


Probably the most common one that you have heard was ‘If there's one thing about yourself that you could change what it would be?’ Because this is something where you would be explaining to the people who are reading your work, something about yourself, you have to give them a little bit about your history and how you are as a person. Also, be sure to describe things that can walk them through the process of you explaining yourself, like your childhood or a big moment in your life.

You could also write about a particular family member who inspired you. If you had a relative who worked really long hours to stay in school, or someone who made sure that you were always encouraged and you want to mention them. Be sure to give me a few key pointers that will help your reader to understand why you care about this person and things that they've done, so use examples.

Another area that you can write about is ‘If you could do anything with your life, what would it be?’ This is something that can be really broad, but if you want to fly to the moon, or sail around the world, and that’s your plan, then mention it! The goal is to give your readers an idea of what's in your head and what you're thinking. Make sure you don't limit yourself to your ideas.

What about if you wrote about the planet? If there is anything about this world that you would change what would it be? There may be a few key points that you want to highlight, so make sure that you are specific in your writing, and you detail exactly what areas you want to touch on.

Lastly, you can write about what type of book inspired you. Maybe it was something recently that you read, and you want to describe it to someone. Try to highlight maybe one particular passage that was very touching and appealing to you.

As you put these ideas together on paper, this will help to ensure that you can explain yourself, and give details on the particular areas that make up expository writing.

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