Transition Words For An Informative Essay: Tips And Examples

An informative essay will tell the reader about the topic subject. It will inform or explain about something. If you do not link the words and join the phrases smoothly in the paper, it will end up sounding like a very boring list. In order to prevent this, when you write one you will use transition words and phrases. These tools will link concepts smoothly and guide your reader effortlessly through your composition.

Teachers tend to break these very effective tools into different categories. Each has a slightly different purpose. A sign of a well-written paper and a mature writer is the insertion of these valuable words and phrases at just the right locations in the work. Below you will find the categories and he job they perform. Examples for each will be given.


Words that indicate the order and what might be happening next in the essay or the steps being given in the paper. Examples are:

Cause/Effect Words

These tools are indicators of cause, effect, and reason within the subject being discussed. Examples are:

Conflict or Adversative Words

These clues will signal contrasts, conflicts, and a dismissal of the current discussion. Some examples are:

Additive or Plus Words

These tools indicate an addition or supplemental part to the phase being discussed. Some examples are:

When you are writing and you need to smooth out a paper, then your list of transitions will be one of the places that you turn to for help. Some writers place them as they first compose the paper, and others insert them after completion of the work. You can decide which method you prefer in your work. Either is acceptable and it is a writer’s call. The mere adding of just the right link will allow the reader to move effortlessly through the composition. If your topic is informative these tools will be ever so important. In order to produce a quality paper, use our list and description of transition words for your next assigned informative composition.

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