Writing an Essay about Friendship: Helpful Recommendations

Students often write definition essays. If your teacher asked you to write a definition paper on friendship, it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to complete this assignment. Some people have a lot of friends, others have only a few, but, in general, everyone understands what friendship is. However, if you want your paper to earn an excellent grade, you should read the tips given below.

Recommendations to Write a Definition Paper on Friendship

  1. Conduct your research.
  2. Of course, you have your own opinion on what friendship is. However, it’ll be useful to learn the dictionary definition. Also, you may learn about the etymology of the word to provide the reader with some interesting little-known information in your paper.

  3. Compose a thesis.
  4. In a definition essay, your thesis statement should express your own definition of the chosen word. Try to make it short, simple, and clear. You’ll dig into details in the body of your paper.

  5. Make an outline.
  6. It’ll be much easier for you to write a well-structured paper if you follow an outline during the writing process. Divide your text into three separate parts (introduction, body, and conclusion) and think about what you want to include in each section.

  7. Write the introduction.
  8. In the opening paragraph, you should present the dictionary definition of friendship and provide the context for your body paragraphs. In the end of your introduction, you should place your thesis statement to set the course for the rest of the paper.

  9. Write the body.
  10. In the body paragraphs, you should examine each part of your own definition in details. Use examples to show what a good (or a bad) friend means. Explain why people become friends and how to select your friends wisely. Make sure to discuss different points in separate paragraphs.

  11. Write the conclusion.
  12. Summarize everything given in the body and restate your thesis. Indicate why it’s important to know what real friendship is and maintain it. Mention the role of friendship in your own life.

  13. Proofread your essay.
  14. Look through your text to spot grammar and spelling mistakes. You should also pay attention to weak or awkward sentences and rewrite them.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills

If you cannot compose excellent essays because of the lack of writing skills, you may attend local academic centers where professionals will teach you how to use different writing techniques properly. You may also take some lessons from a competent tutor if you want a maximal attention and individual approach.

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