Writing Fundamentals: The Outline For An Explanatory Essay

When writing an explanatory essay, you should be trying to evaluate and assess a particular topic, before writing informative content that will help the reader. For example, it might be the case that you wish to base your work on a particular process, in which case you will need to identify all of the different steps involved in that process, before explaining them to the reader.

Generally, if you are only writing a relatively short piece of work, then you will not require an outline however, for more in depth and detailed papers, an outline section may be required.

What should the outline section do?

Essentially, outline section should provide the reader with a better understanding of what the work will be about. Sometimes, you will use an outline section to justify why you have chosen to write about a particular topic. If this is the case, then you will need to explain more about the topic that you will be discussing, as well as any questions that you will be asking.

Ultimately, you will want to ensure that the reader has a good understanding of what you will be doing when writing the work, and why you intend to do it.

How to start your outline

In many ways, an outline can be thought of as been relatively similar to an introduction. Ultimately, you do not need to go into too much detail, but you will want to ensure that the reader has a good understanding of what to expect from the rest of your work.

However, the approach that you take with your outline would be very different to writing and introduction. For example, an outline can be looked at as being more administrative in its purposes, whilst an introduction is part of the main academic work that you are writing.

Nevertheless, you will need to begin your outline by stating what you intend to write about, as well as any hypothesis that you may wish to examine.

What details to include

As mentioned, the outline should generally describe what your paper will be about; however, it is entirely possible that you may wish to include details about the research methods that you will use as well. Furthermore, it might be the case that you need to include details relating to what sections you will need to include and how long you expect them to take, so as to develop a realistic timeframe.

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