Choosing Good Argumentative Essay Topics About History

History is an interesting subject that is full of riddles, mysteries and conflicting view points. Although writing a history essay can seem like a daunting prospect especially if you don’t feel you are a good writer, it is not as bad as most people would want to imagine. In fact writing an argumentative paper on history can be fun. However, choosing good topics about history is critical in ensuring you enjoy the task and come up with an outstanding paper. Here are a few suggestions on some strategies for choosing good argumentative essay topics about history.

Conceptualize Fascinating Events in History

One approach for choosing good argumentative essay topics about history is to brainstorm about some captivating historical events. You can think of a broad area that interests you and use it as a starting point for conceiving ideas. You can then break it down into categories or subtopics that can help you find something interesting to work with. For instance, you can think of colonialism as the broad area and break it down into sub topics such as effects of colonialism or causes of colonialism. You can then develop an argument from the sub topic. For example, you can argue that the search for new markets for European products and raw materials for European industries was the sole reason for interest in acquiring colonies.

Use Analogies

Another strategy approach choosing good argumentative essay topics about history is to use analogies to analyze related historical events and take a position about the issue. For instance, you can choose a topic like” why the French style of colonization was better than the British style”. You can use analogies to make comparisons on elements of each style of colonialism and defend one side of the argument.

Think of Statements made by Influential Historical Figures

Another approach for choosing good argumentative essay topics about history is to think of statements or quotes by individuals who have played a significant role in history. You can think of quotes or statements made by influential civil rights activists or freedom fighters. For instance, you can think of a popular statement made by a civil rights activist with regard to his/her approach toward the fight for freedom and argue whether the strategy helped the activists to achieve the goals of overcoming civil injustices. You can draw on particular evidence from the activities and events that happened during that era to support your argument.

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