How to Check the Credentials of an Essay Writing Company

There are definitely a lot of scam companies out there that say they will write your paper for you and take your money and never give you anything in return. It is easy to scam individuals when you are dealing with an aspect of intellectual property. You are not purchasing a tangent item that has already been manufactured, you are purchasing a paper that will be created for you after the contract has been signed. The problem being that you have to pay for something before you see it. A business would never show you the work first because then you could just take it and not pay for it.

Because of this, it is important to be able to check the credential for an essay writing company to make sure that they are a legitimate company that you can use without fear of being scammed. There are a few ways to find out.

  1. Business listing site
  2. Every business has to register before they are able to conduct business. They have to have some sort of license. All of the legitimate businesses are listed on these sites. The only downfall of this method is that some companies do business as a different name than what they register. Therefore, you may rule out a legitimate company through using this method.

  3. Reviews
  4. The reviews of previous customers is a great way to see if a company is legitimate. Getting a review from a third party will give you an idea if it was a scam or not. The site may list reviews but most businesses can pick and choose what reviews show on their site and obviously they would remove anyone that said this site is a scam.

  5. Internet Crime Complaint Center
  6. There are agency that track internet scams. They may not have everyone that is out there but they work to save individuals from scams. You can check to see if your writing service company is listed on this website. Chances are if it had gotten to that, the company changed its name and is operating under one that doesn’t have any scams attached to it.

These are three great ways to check to see whether the company that you want to use for writing your next paper is legitimate or not. A great way to check is to have them write a small one page paper for the cheapest price and see if they follow through.

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