12 Tips For Writing A College Essay On Video Games

Almost any young person nowadays played or is playing video games. They became so popular that you could find children not older than a few years old that know what buttons to press. This is not seen as good thing by most of the people, but there does not seem to be a big, positive change. An essay on this topic will allow you to show a different perspective to your classmates and to gain valuable information.

  1. Do not use too many names or terms. We know that you are good at this and that you know all the characters of a game, but not all your classmates do and certainly not your teacher. Don’t be too explicit in your composition.

  2. Keep the details to yourself. Many of these games are more complex than many adults seem to think. However, for somebody who does not have experience with this, it can be tricky to understand the entire concept. Be explicit, but short.

  3. Don’t make it personal. It’s ok to talk a little bit about your experience with this kind of games, but do not write your opinion on one entire page.

  4. Collect information from your friends. Since many of them like this type of gaming, you can discuss with them the most important aspects that you will introduce in your paper.

  5. Stay away from “us vs. Them”. Do not make this as a conflict between teenagers and adults who don’t understand these games. The purpose of your essay is to be informative, not to offend.

  6. Be realistic when you write. Even if you don’t like the facts, there will be times when you have to admit that games are not suitable for anyone, and certainly not for any time.

  7. Present some of the advantages. Even if adults see them as damaging, many of them can bring benefits when they are not used in excess.

  8. Use statistics. Every time you want to prove a point, you will seem more reliable if you use official statistics and charts.

  9. Analyze this from different perspectives. Is this helpful or not for teenagers that deal with anxiety or depression.

  10. Mass-media and the influence over the video games world. Players usually have a particular image that was built by mass media.

  11. The economic power of companies.Some of the biggest companies in the world are producing and selling video games.

  12. Educational games. Discuss the idea of educational video games, that are much more suitable for young teenagers and children.

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