Where to Search for Free Reflective Essay Examples

A reflective essay is designed to elicit an opinion from the writer. The author must convey their attitude, point of view or ideas about a given topic in the essay. Students who are new to this type of essay may be unfamiliar with the formatting and stylistic demands of the paper. For these students, there are online examples of a reflective paper that can be found for free.

Online Databases

One of the main locations of free reflective essays is through an online database. Through these databases, students can search through past essays that fellow students have created. They can browse selections based on the type of essay, the subject or the writing level. Depending on the site, this service may even be offered free of charge.

Search the Library

Every library has a section that is devoted to the English language and writing. Within this segment of the library, students can find examples of a variety of different types of essays. In addition, they will be able to discover writing manuals that guide them through the process. With this option, students can get an exact example of what the teacher will expect.

Plagiarism is Against the Rules: Exercise Caution

Students look for example essays for a number of different reasons. Many students just want to gain a general understanding of how their essay should look. Among other students, an example essay is found so that they can avoid writing their own essay. Before turning in an online example, students should make sure that they have completely checked it for signs of plagiarism. An essay that is found online is most likely indexed in the search engines. If professors try to look for the essay online, they are most likely going to find it.

To prevent plagiarism charges, students have a few choices. The obvious choice is to write their own essay. When there are time constraints preventing the student from doing their own work, there are still a few key ways to prevent a charge of plagiarism. In general, the professor will only discover that the text was plagiarized if the phrases match exactly. By rewriting the text, students can prevent this from occurring. While the meaning of the paper remains the same, the order of the words will be completely different. To make sure that the essay does not appear to be plagiarized, students can always send it through a plagiarism-check software program.

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