Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have been one of the most iconic football teams in America. A long history beginning in 1974 The Seahawks have gathered millions of fans to cheer them victory. The Seahawks like other NFL teams have created a large following one that has its own history, subculture, and merchandise. I will elaborate in this article the background and history of the Seattle Seahawks. I will start with the origins of the team then move on to its game history, and finally I will look at their merchandise success.

The Seattle Seahawks team was founded on June 4th 1974. As the name implies they are based in Seattle and they are the State of Washington's most popular football team. In the 1970’s the NFL began a process of expansion as the NFL and AFL had begun their merger. This resulted in the formation more football franchises including the Seattle Seahawks  Doing well from their beginning the Seahawks won first won their division title in 1988. In 2005 the Seahawks had their best season yet even though they lost the Superbowl. In 2010 they made history when they entered the playoffs with a 7-9 record.  In 2014 they won their first Super Bowl Championship and are the present Superbowl champions. With their victory in the Superbowl they became one the best teams in the NFL as of 2014.

The Seahawks very much like the rest of the NFL has a massive merchandise market. The Seahawks have numerous shirts, coats and other apparel alongside large amounts of paraphernalia and trinkets such as mugs, wallets, and watches among others. The Seahawks merchandise is not limited to mere trinkets or clothing but also produces a wide range of household items related to the Seahawks. Many of these pieces of merchandise are things such as plates, towels, and blankets. There are even decorations for cars and motor vehicles. Having looked over briefly the history and the forms of merchandise of the Seattle Seahawks we can see a very successful team that has struggled their way to the top. The Seahawks are presently (2014) the Super Bowl Champions and have had to earn this status. As a team that began yet struggled to rise to the top they have overcome many obstacles. Only the future will tell how the Seahawks will fair in the games to come but if the past is any indication they will continue their rise to victory.

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