Practical Tips On How To Write A Narrative Essay In Middle School

There is a difference between theory and practice. Theoretically, you can beat the Tennis great Roger Federer in three sets without conceding a game; i.e. 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. You also know that is practically impossible. In fact, winning a match against him is a tough nut.

The practical wisdom

When you talk of middle school, practical wisdom suggests that you cannot expect the Sun from them. They hardly know how to express their imagination and in fact, how to think deeply since they have practically no acquired base to work their minds on.

Limitation of ideas

Thus, when you hand them a practical essay to write; you know you cannot expect The Scarlet Letter. Yes, a few students may be naturally gifted in conjuring a unique idea, but that is a different matter.

The helpful tips

What you can do is teach them to implement on their ideas and shape the narrative pieces in a refined and systematic manner. Here are the practical tips you can offer them –

With time, they will understand how narrative essays are written and loved by one and all. An extremely important part of this is the choice of a stirring title which provokes them to think big.

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