What Liberties Do People Give Up When On School Grounds

When you are on school grounds there are some rules and regulations that come into play. They are there to ensure safety and security of students and faculty members. In many cases people often do not realize they have rules to follow when they arrive on school grounds. This is because some schools will have regulations posted on doors and windows as reminders. With student and faculty safety being a prime reason for certain things people give up when they approach school grounds, some wonder if certain liberties should be reversed due to more circumstances happening on school grounds.

In most cases it depends on which liberties are being referred to, but one element many schools do not allow is presence of a weapon. People are often free to carry a concealed weapon with a permit. But some schools do not want adults on school grounds with a weapon, unless you are with law enforcement. There are some rules that seem kind of weird or silly that parents and visitors are expected to follow. Because of this many don’t realize they are actually giving something up when they arrive on school grounds.

Some schools do not allow people to smoke a cigarette or leave their vehicle running while unattended. Others do not want adults engaging in unlawful or unethical activities such as sex, drugs, or drinking alcohol while on school grounds. It can be difficult to teach a child not to do something when they see people doing the opposite on school grounds. For many schools this is a matter of setting good examples for students to follow. Other schools want to keep the grounds a safe place while giving their school a positive image that encourages students to learn and do better.

For the most part, people know what they should and should not do, but it is a matter of schools taking time to enforce such regulations for student safety. Many adults may not realize what they do could be an influence on students that is positive or negative. There are parents that simply do not care what other parents do and what they could be accountable for. Overall, students will be the one making the choice in the end to do what they feel is right. When you give up a liberty it is only temporary but to some they may not give it up at all.

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