The Role Of Women In War

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When men were busy fighting in the Second World War on the frontlines, women were obviously forced to assume men’s roles in the society. Though there is no recorded evidence in books, some women were also involved in the Second World War. Women had to perform functions formally belonging to their husbands in order to take care and provide for their families and other needs. They work in gardens, ship yards and other workplaces to make ends meet since they could no longer depend on men to perform these functions as they were busy in battle fields. However some women were in battle fields alongside men participating bravely in the Second World War. Various women played different important roles during the Second World War

Tatiana Nikolaevna Baramzina from Russia was born in 1919 and in 1943 she enrolled in Central Women’s Sniper Training School. Having completed her training, she was dispatched to the Belorussian Front. This woman killed about 16 enemy soldiers within the first 3 months. Sadly she was captured and tortured during the war; on July 1944 she was shot and executed. A Street where her home was located was named after her to honor her memory and contribution.

Anne Frank may be the most famous woman or most recognizable name in the Second World War. She was Jewish from Germany. She was on 12th June 1929 but moved to Netherlands in the Year 1933. She became known after her diary was published. This diary was on the experiences during the Nazi Occupation of Netherlands during the war. Women also went into war. This may not be very common as not many women are sent in to the battle field. Katya Bundanova of Russia was a fighter pilot. She learned to fly and became part of the all female fighter regiment and during the Second World War she flew a combat mission shooting down one enemy aircraft. That however was her last mission as she was also gunned down.

In general however the women played a general helping role to the men who are the ones who are actively the war. In the African setup women look after the family and they cook and take food to those in the battle field. They are also used for intelligence where they act as the informers. They also hide the men from their enemies.

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