Composing An Excellent Discussion Essay About Abortion

You have been assigned to write a discussion paper this term for homework and the topic you must write on is abortion. Regardless of topic, what does this need for you to get your marks?

An essay must include a thesis. This needs to sum up the main point of your topic and inform your reader of what they can expect. This needs to be written into the introduction and needs only to be a line or two long. You may also find this useful to refer back to when writing and remind yourself what it is you really want to cover.


You need to research this topic thoroughly, and you may want to plan out what it is that you largely want to focus on discussing, as a topic is rarely black and white. Unless you are already knowledgeable on the subject, choose an area you feel you can find plenty of information on, as you don’t want an essay to fall short of your word count. Don’t rely solely on the Internet. If you feel you want to write about your local area, then you will need to talk to people and pick their brains.

This research needs to be accurate, always check your facts! Do not rely on freelance sources, as these can be misleading.

How to identify a source?

These can be blogs written by an unqualified individual. Their language may also give you a clue. If their discussion is biased and their opinion opposed to a fair and well-rounded argument, you will not want to use the information. A discussion essay will require you to treat the topic equally and give thoughts on both sides of the argument. This you may find easier to write by composing a pro and con table. When you have your main points, you can then begin to flesh them out and bring them into the main body.

Writing your conclusion

This is where you may also give your personal views, as well as summarizing your whole work. When giving your thoughts, keep this short and brief but long enough that it shows your passion and care for this. Do not use bad language. If using a story from personal experience, do not use real names of people. Give the reader something punchy they will not forget.


To end, composing an excellent discussion essay about abortion should now be much easier. Just use these tips.

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