How Do You Compose A Solid 5-Paragraph Definition Essay?

When it comes to academic writing there are various different structures that you may be required to use when writing an essay. For example, a commonly used structure is that of a five paragraph paper. In fact, the five paragraph structure is particularly important, as it can help students to develop a better understanding of how to create a logical and well-ordered paper.

If you have been asked to write a five paragraph definition essay then you will need to choose a topic to write about, and then use five paragraphs to provide more information to the reader about that topic. Ultimately, you will be trying to define a particular topic, so as to give the reader a better understanding of the issue that you are discussing. It may be that you are defining a concept, a physical item, or possibly something completely different; nevertheless, no matter what the topic is, you should still follow the same basic structure.

What to include in the first paragraph

The first paragraph of your paper will be the introduction. The introduction is particularly important, as it helps to identify what you will be talking about. Therefore, the reader should have a good idea of what to expect from the rest of your paper after having read your introduction.

You should inform the reader what the topic is, as well as potentially giving a brief background related to that topic, and maybe also why you have chosen to define that particular topic. However, do not need to include too much information, as you will include the main details about your definition in the body section.

The body section

Having written your introduction, the next three paragraphs of your paper will be used for the body section. Ultimately, each paragraph can be used to refer to a different aspect of the topic that you discuss . For example, you may wish to describe how a physical object looks in the first paragraph, before using the second paragraph to describe how it smells, and the third paragraph to describe how it sounds. Alternatively, you can use the three paragraphs to describe a range of other features about the topic that you are discussing.

The final paragraph

You will have one final paragraph to write once you have completed the body section, and this paragraph will be the conclusion. Essentially, you will need to refer to any points brought up previously in the essay, so as to finalize your definition.

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