I Want to Buy an Essay: How to Find a Cheap One

In the age of computers, texting and social media students often do not want to find the proper time to sit down and accomplish anything school related, whether homework, studying or essay writing. This can be a successful investment for those that do enjoy doing their work and/or making money by writing an essay for their lazier counterparts. For those looking to find a cheap essay that can be purchased they should:

Look on the internet

The internet is one of the greatest resources to find information on purchasing anything, to include purchasing an essay. When a student uses the internet as the essay writing choice, a few things exist that they should look out for. These include ensuring the site is reputable, making sure those writing the essays are qualified by either references, sample writings or having obtained a degree already and that they can find the physical location of the writing center over meeting someone in a dark alley or being send a Trojan virus ridden word document.

Contact a friend

In times of need, a friend can be a great resource to purchase an essay from. Many students have friends that are at the head of their class and make write the paper for free or in exchange for something else, like helping them speak to a boy or girl they would like to take on a date.

Ask family for help

The choice that takes the most guts is asking a family member to write the essay for the student at no cost. This sometimes can work to the student’s favor as they may have an older sibling that took the course a few years ago. They can either attempt to pass the paper off again as their own, which is not advised due to plagiarism, or they can re-write it disagreeing with everything written: i.e. what is up is down and what is black is brown.

Man Up

The cheapest way to get an essay done is to take at least an hour out of one’s day to sit down and write the essay by oneself. This ensures that the essay is done, the student can speak on the topic of discussion without appearing lost and it does not break the bank. The point of these essays is to learn something and no student aspires to work the cash register at McDonald’s for the rest of their lives.

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