10 Helpful Hints for Writing an Essay on Star Wars

With the new release of Star Wars, the interest in the film is at its highest level. You may get an essay on the subject in your English, Reading, Science Fiction, or Literature class. You want your essay to stand out for the crowd, but still to be very accurate. Before you begin to work on your outline, look at our 10 helpful hints for writing an essay on Star Wars.

Hints and Help

  1. There are multiple movies, so writing on the entire series would be too overwhelming. Instead pick a specific movie, character, plot line, or conflict. Otherwise you will get so overwhelmed than even R2D2 couldn't help you.
  2. Consider a compare and contrast paper-you will find that the compare and contrast format is an easy paper to compose. You can compose two characters, two different films, or even two different actors. This format suits Star War.
  3. Behind the scenes-a look at the people behind the scenes such as a cameraman, costume designer, or director can make for a unique approach to your composition. Your could write in the informative style while explaining the function of the person and how the work is completed.
  4. Go watch the movie again-you can head to the movies and do some research on the subject.
  5. Explain-keep in mind that your audience may not follow the series, so you may have to include some background material as you write.
  6. The Jedi-make sure to consider exploring Darth Vader as a possible title choice. Looking at the antagonist can often make for an entertaining read.
  7. Remember it’s academic-while this paper will be fun to compose, keep in mind that it is still for school, and must be written in an academic style.
  8. Change the ending-if this is for a creative class, one fun approach is to change the ending of the story. Or you can change a major event in the story to look at the movie from a “what-if” approach.
  9. A movie review-you can follow the style rules for a movie review and write up one of your own. Look at some professional ones to get an idea of what your review should look like when you finish.
  10. Have fun-it is not often that you are given such a creative topic. Have a lot of fun with this paper. When you enjoy what you are doing, the results are always nice.

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