Defining the Keystones of an Essay about Yourself

The Keystone of Yourself

If you share the sentiment, that, writing about oneself is as pretentious a notion, as describing the merits of a historical figure, then like certain other individuals the process of having to write about oneself comes with great difficulty. With such an assigned writing task, comes introspect, insight, and above all, patience in accumulating the necessary and needed information to commence the writing process. Amassing such a form of information concerning the pertinent nature of the subject topic at hand, involves even greater dwelling into oneself. By doing so, the asking of personal questions, such as: Who else is there that knows more about myself than me? can make all the difference in trying to discover the angle or direction of one’s self writing. It is important to take note in remembering, that, when answering such questions pertaining to oneself is only as honest and truthful as one allows the answers to be. One can easily tell a lie, but to convey honesty in truth is of a craft in mastering one of life’s greatest lessons.

Dealing with Yourself

Another one of life’s greatest lessons is that of having to deal with oneself. If one is to go about life eluding themselves into the false reality of which one constructs for themselves, as a means of protection from harm, one has already set themselves up for disaster. The fact-of-the-matter, is that, most often than not, many individuals have long ago decided to build a barrier of false protective isolation. A perimeter between themselves and that of the rest of the world. Though, it is necessary to shield oneself from intrusive external outside sources, it is as equally, if not more so necessary to view oneself as he/she truly are—without falsities. It has often been said, that, in order to cause change in the world, one needs to first begin with viewing themselves. Upon looking at oneself, without the pretentious notions, of which have been adopted and incorporated into one’s false viewpoint, can one go about changing negative aspects through positive mending of the core self. In writing an essay about yourself, it goes beyond the expectation of expressing the positive achievements, honors, and merits of one’s lifetime. An excellent essay draws upon the negative one has lived to experience and how it helped shaped your character.

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