World's Music Analysis

In World’s Music Analysis paper, I wrote a brief auto-biography and I also include who has influenced me musically. I also go over some experiences I had while I lived in Brazil with a girlfriend and how she as well as my nanny and parents influenced me to want to study music. Finally, I write about the Lambada, or as Americans know it to be: “The Forbidden Dance”. This paper is good for anybody who wants to learn about how this author was inspired by music and his different styles and tastes.

My name is Marcos Oliviera. I was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on July 4, 1991, to a wealthy, Christian Protestant family. My dad is an executive at the Bank of Brazil, and my mother is an English teacher at home.

My mother grew up in Pennsylvania, United States. At age seventeen she went on a missionary trip to Sao Paulo. She was supposed to only stay there for six months, but instead she was bitten by the love bug.

At eighteen, she married a Brazilian man, Joao Dobes, who was already the Vice Presi- dent at the bank.

I was the first born child and after me my mom had another son, Andre. After Andre came Kelly.

By the time I was two, my mom, dad and I moved to Campo Grande, which is on the West Coast of Brazil (Sao Paulo is on the East Coast).

My ethnic affiliation would be of a Latino and Caucasian mix. My father was born and lived his entire life in Brazil, and since he was married to a Caucasian woman I am of a mixed ethnicity.

My early childhood was extravagant. My mom and dad put my siblings and me through the best private prep schools in Brazil. I got along well with my siblings as well as my parents. I was a star futbol player in elementary school, and then in High School.

Since I attended such a great elementary school, they taught me English and Spanish in addition to my native tongue – Brazilian Portuguese. By the fourth grade I was fluent in both foreign languages. Since my mother is an English teacher she was very proud of me.

I graduated from High School in 2009, first in my class. I went on to college to begin studying Engineering. I graduated from engineering school in 2013.

Upon graduation, my family encouraged me to go to the United States to study. Since I already hold an advanced degree in Engineering, and if I went back to Brazil I would have absolutely no trouble finding work because engineers are in high demand back home, but there was always one area of study that always intrigued me. That was music.

In Brazil there are many different styles of music. But, my favorite types growing up, have always been classical, Brazilian Salsa, rap and R&B. I know there are no similarities between these styles but if I am in a good, almost manic mood I usually, back at my flat, put on some salsa and dance or else I’ll listen to Dr. Dr. However, if I am in a solemn mood I can turn on the CD player and usually sit on my sofa with my head laying back, holding a Margharita and relaxing to classical music.

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