Creating A Thesis Statement For A Comparative Essay: 10 Good Examples

Comparative essays have been phenomenal in the literary composition arena. In fact, they are some of the largely written about and archived in both college and online libraries. This obviously means, if you are looking forward to doing a paper of a this nature, you are poised to find enough material for review before you can embark on composing what could potentially be a masterpiece. Always, when doing an essay, there is that section which you will base your story or claims on. It is the thesis statement. Definitively, it is a statement of claim mostly found in research term papers but when it comes to composition writing, it can go for that part from which you want to build your story. Of significance is that before you craft a good thesis, ensure to identify things that you want to compare.

To some students, it is the backbone of a writing piece from which a story in built. At its very basic definition, comparative writing involves drawing on similarities and differences that exist between two phenomena, people, things or places. Therefore, in trying to develop your story, it should have a strong foundation upon which all facts and examples are supported. In this article, we start your brainstorming exercise on how to come up with a good one through a few examples.

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